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Beading Instructor

Started beading 30 years ago. Learned peyote from a book. I made as few key chains for gifts. I didn't bead for a few years. Picked it up again 15 or 20 years ago by taking a few classes at the old Bonnie's Beads. One of these classes was a bracelet made by Nancy Cain. I was hooked!! Still taking classes, still beading & have taught a few classes thanks to Tammy from Beads & Needs.

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Beading Instructor

Lori has been beading for about 6 years. Her journey began at Beads and Needs in Colorado Springs, and this little shop continues to be a large part of Lori’s journey.  She took her first beading class at the shop, and now teaches on a regular basis.  Lori is a self-taught bead artist with the unique ability to help others understand complicated or difficult patterns and designs.  Lori designs and teaches using multiple techniques and products.  She has a passion for turning little bits of glass into beautiful pieces of wearable art!



Polymer Clay Artist an Instructor

Shane is published in at least 5 books featuring polymer clay art and design, has traveled extensively, and been a clay beta tester for both Premo and Kato polymer clay brands. She has written online tutorials and videos for CraftArtEdu ( and her work was the second best seller of 500 tutorials offered in 2015. She teaches locally  and as a student, has learned from the very best in polymer clay retreats across the country.